[Album] "C'est Bon" Carlos Nilmmns, Niko Marks. U2XProductions presents a follow up to Carlos' and Niko's previous release entitled, "Lounge Chair". "C'est Bon" is loaded with ear candy and hosts a multitude of jazzy riffs, lush soundscapes and funky beats. Orchestral vibes move throughout each track which paints scenes of beauty for the listener, making C'est Bon a definite item for your music library.  Distributed by Symphonic Distribution.


[Album] "Disclosure" Niko Marks. Electronic dance music with elements of various genres including jazz, reggae, pop, funk and house.


[Album] "Geo:600 Experiment" Niko Marks. Experimental, eclectic, alternative music...all rolled into one exploratory album.



[Album] "Shuttle House Remixes" Niko Marks. Be sure to get this one to lively up your parties! It digs deep into the roots of electronic dance music! 


[Single Release] "I Want You" Niko Marks. Dance music remixed from the original written by Marvin Gaye.


[Single Release] "Lounge Chair" Niko Marks & Carlos Nilmmns. The album contains 5 selections of Deep/Jazzy House and each one is layered with musical color, beautiful soundscapes and orchestral elements that cascade uniquely throughout. Aside from the smooth intro of "Obsession" to the melodic flow of "Elle Est Une Dansues a Minuit" there are two tracks that feature Niko Marks on lead vocal, "Human Expansion" and "Spacebabies Mixture Two" - remixed from the original (Through Time & Culture). "Very soulful, deep EP with a fetching atmosphere...great joint venture!" - Eve White

[Single release] "Bowl of Detroit" - This song addresses
a stale reality surrounding the city of Detroit, MI USA.
The "bowl", as he relates the inner city of Detroit, is to
the point with its message with a lyric of truth.
A funky reggae rhythm layered with jazz piano and synths.